Published 11 December 2012 by Scott Fletcher

MARCO Marine Planner Update Work on the MARCO Portal website and Marine Planner continues and we’ve just updated the planner with user authentication, interactive tutorials, and exporting/printing capabilities.

User Authentication

Users can now register with the site.

Registration will soon be used to provide users with access to new features that will include user-driven, analysis-based features. These features will include spatial analysis to help the user identify those areas of the Mid-Atlantic that are, based on user input, particularly suited to, or important for, various ocean uses such as wind energy, fishing, and conservation. Users will then be able to view analysis reports on their spatial results as well as share their results with other registered users.

Interactive Tutorial/Tour

We have also introduced an interactive tutorial using a new jquery library called PageGuide. These ‘tours’ allow users to get acquainted with the many features of the Planner in an easy to follow interactive visual guide.

Exporting Map Views

Users can now export map views, complete with legends, and custom map title. Exports are available in PNG, JPG, and PDF formats, and can be used for power point presentations, printing, and collaborative planning purposes.

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