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Latest Dev News

MARCO Marine Planner Update

23 January 2013

Work on the MARCO Portal website and Marine Planner moves toward user-driven designs. While not yet available for general users, team members are now able...

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MARCO Marine Planner Update - Release 3

11 December 2012

MARCO Marine Planner Update Work on the MARCO Portal website and Marine Planner continues and we’ve just updated the planner with user authentication, interactive tutorials,...

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Portal Project Timeline

Release 2 - September 2012


Launch of the revamped portal website. Preliminary data catalog and mapping tool with sector-specific parameters and spatial filters. Additional datasets with stakeholder vetting.

Release 3 - Late Fall 2012


More data. User account and print feature. Improved spatial filters based on stakeholder feedback. Ability to design and generate reports.

Release 4 - June 2013

Scenario planning/spatial filter features using lease blocks as the planning units. Additional datasets.

Development Team

  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Ecotrust
  • Rutgers - Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis
  • Monmouth University